Why hire a Beta Reader?

A good beta reader is indispensable to the writer for several reasons. When you have moved through self edits as far as you can possibly go on your own, you are at that point too close to the story and can no longer view it clearly. The right beta reader can be a fresh pair of eyes to help bring your work into perspective. They save you money and will save your editor time. Instead of your editor having to deal with large fixes like pacing, plot holes, bland setting, one dimensional characters, and the like, they can focus on grammatical structure and polishing your manuscript for either self publishing or sending to potential literary agents. If you plan to not hire an editor, they can be an integral tool for making sure your piece speaks of integrity and saves you the embarrassment of sending a half-baked product out to the masses.

It is important when asking a beta reader to go over your work you go into it with specific goals and questions for your work. General feedback won’t be good enough to help you get a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t. Sample questions you could ask are:

Is the setting clear to you as you read? Are there any spots where the setting isn’t clear?

Was the timeline of events clear?

Did you feel there was character growth from beginning to end of the work?

Did events seem believable, flow, or too predictable?

Do the interactions and dialogue seem natural?

Were there memorable scenes that pulled you in? Were there scenes that took you out of the story?

Were there parts that were too fast or too slow?

You can hire beta readers on services such as Fiver and Upwork but from research I am doing most seem to seek to advertise their editing and proof-reading services. With my service it is solely for the purpose of helping you to improve your story from a readers perspective. Services I have seen generally charge $30 to $40 for anywhere from 500 to 1500 words. This to me is insane as many in the self publishing industry can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on their full 50k to 90k manuscript. It is with this in mind that my prices are affordable for all and if they aren’t I am willing to work with you. As creatives our job is to help each other by lifting up and supporting. You will find this reflected in my prices.

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“Even after I had spent two years revising and reworking my manuscript, Keira was able to pinpoint major issues in my plot, flow, and structure. A writer and passionate reader herself, she provided a clear reader’s interpretation and thought process. The two day turnaround time was impressive too!”

Christine Birchwood

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