SaS Con: Writing Panel Content

SaS Con 2022: Meet the Authors & Marketing Panels

SaS Con 2022 saw me speak with phenomenal authors within the writing community about their journey, books, and all the extra tidbits. Check it out here!

Author Panel with Wren Murphy “The Serpent Lord”, Andy Luke “Occupied”, K. Thomas “Time To Wake/Not Right Now”, Sam Odiorne “The 8th Warning”, Kimber DeLaney “Wayward”, and Rance Denton “His Ragged Company”

This year at SaS Con 2022 I hosted a panel on Marketing with supported data research. If you’ve ever been curious about the ins and outs of marketing on a broad level with statistical data backing it, this is the place for you. You can access my slides and audio below

Marketing Data and Optimization Panel

SaS Con 2021: Writing Panel & Meet the Author

I hosted my first writing convention panel based on what I learned as a New Writer. It goes over some in-depth information on the last year of my writer’s journey. I filmed the panel, as well as, created slides for the virtual panel.

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