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Influential Literary Women of History: Past and Present

So I am infamously terrible at journaling, blogging, etc as I find I have the energy and drive to do such things for about three days. Then my get up and go morphs into gone up and left. It’s a terrible struggle that I now know, since being tested last year, is a lovely attribute of my ADHD. My attention span is that of a sparrow, and not the fun Jack Sparrow…

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Meet Virginia Woolf

I decided to kick off Women’s Month with none other than Virginia Woolf, an influential female author famous for her modernist writing and introducing the world to the continuous flow of consciousness as a narrative literary device. Her tragic life and subsequent struggle with mental illness—nowadays, we suspect she had bipolar disorder—made her an intriguing author to showcase first.

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Meet Eartha Kitt

The incredible Eartha Kitt is one figure that I view as a hurricane within not just the literary world but also the activist, and her talent goes far beyond the “triple threat” moniker due to her undeniable talent for song, songwriting, dance, acting, voice acting, and comedy. It was surprising to see the struggles she went through on my journey to better know such a remarkable woman.

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Meet Emily Dickinson

Few female poets have posthumously  had such a profound impact on the poetic tradition of the country and challenged the stylistic direction which came after quite like Emily Dickinson has. Emily only had ten poems published throughout her lifetime, all other poems being published after her death due to her eclectic stylings, which were considered unconventional at the time. 

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My Interlude

Here in March, I set on a path to write a set of blog posts, each one focusing on a different female author who had altered the course of history in their own way. Some were anthems and before their time. I had hoped to learn more about these influential women, tell their story, and shine a light on them in a way they deserved. Many of these women missed out on that light in their life, only seeing the light shine upon them via their works hundreds of years later. One thing I didn’t count on was my own transcendence because of the lives they all led, nor did I count on it happening so quickly.

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Meet Mary Wollstonecraft

I will admit I had no notion of who Mary Wollstonecraft was when I first embarked on my research journey to spotlight her. Never once had I heard her name spoken in anything I read nor in circles of other writers and authors until a couple days ago, thanks to my dear friend Kimberly. As I read about Mary, I became enamored with her, and I was shocked to learn she was the mother of Mary Shelley, who’s well-known as the author of Frankenstein.

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Meet Mary Shelley

I thought Mary Shelley to be the only natural choice as my next author to be spotlighted after Mary Wollstonecraft, her mother. As we learned previously, Mary Shelley’s mother died three days after birthing her due to infection. Her mother’s death set in motion a chain reaction of events that would help to shape Mary fundamentally and set her on a course to live life much the same way her mother had. Mary would later give the world what would be an early example of the budding science fiction genre, Frankenstein.

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Meet Maya Angelou

The stunning Maya Angelou is by far one of the more profound poets of my lifetime, and I treasured the beauty she saw in the written word to convey feelings, painting elaborate and powerful pictures, and influencing the world around her. My favorite…

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Things we choose to carry weigh us down and I am not immune from this. These last couple months have been hard emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve been surrounded by loss, sadness, anger, bitterness, and hatred while also having joyous moments in the form of immense highs. My book From A Heart-Shaped Box released Nov 7th 2021. Though this is a huge feat, I am still plagued by the weight of my personal burdens. I decided to explore my feeling yesterday and this is what came out…

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Welcome to my corner

Here I will attempt a feat that has proven to be impossible thus far in my life, blogging. For the love of Cthulhu, please cross fingers as I… Squirrel!

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