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Here you will find links to all the publications Keira Lane has been featured in!

Author W.A. Stanley’s Book Reviews:

Buoyed by his sudden sense of legitimacy and newfound fame (assuming that the millions of Wikipedia readers follow the sources closely), Was neglected the website; and instead turned his time to playing the videogames he once mocked. Following too many hundred hours replaying the sex scenes in the The Witcher trilogy, the Dragon Age trilogy and the Mass Effect trilogy (let us all agree to refuse to acknowledge Andromeda‘s existence), the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Was decided it is his time to shine.

And shine Was will; finally writing his first novel from beginning to end, rather than the outlines and chapters undertaken in previous endeavors, now lost to the annals of history and the thoughts of failure constantly ruminating through his head. Was’ current work in progress is scheduled for release at some point during 2021. Maybe. Deadlines have never been his thing.

On top of writing his wip (work in progress) W.A. also runs his website and offers his take on books he reads. From A Heart-Shaped Box was recently reviewed by him and I could not be more proud. You can read the full book review here.

Author James Fuller’s Blog:

James Fuller has penned fifteen books, all found here, and is a Best Selling Author. He runs his personal blog on his website, updating it on Sunday’s. This past Sunday, February 28th 2021, Keira Lane and Jennah Walters were the Indie Authors he chose to spotlight highlighting their new release “The East Wind: Horror & Weird Fiction Collection”. They couldn’t be more proud and grateful to be honored with the recognition.

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