About Keira Lane

From a young age, Keira had a vivid imagination that took her to far off lands, thrust her in the middle of daring battles, and saw her fearlessly achieve the unimaginable.

Hailing from West Texas, Keira grew up the oldest of five siblings. She was introduced to the works of Jane Austen by her grandmother at a very young age. This sparked her love affair with books and writing. As a budding author, Keira has shown that sheer determination and resilience are keys to growing in the literary arts.

Keira currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and five children, two dogs, and three cats. She is active within her community as her neighborhood city liaison, currently taking courses to be her local school district ambassador, works as a Guest Educator, and holds a Vice President board position with the local PTA.

In her free time, Keira enjoys reading books of all different genres, writing, photography, painting, crafts, hanging with her family, playing video games, and Moscato.

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